Oakley Woods

This walk was only found through word of mouth, we must have driven past it hundreds of times with no idea as to what was there. As I researched more about this place we discovered there was more to this woodland than just somewhere to walk around – Read more here.

“The wood is a Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS)—that is, a site which has been continuously wooded since at least 1600, but which has more recently had most of the native broadleaved trees felled and replaced with a commercial conifer crop. Records of the wood date back to 12th century and it contains a scheduled ancient monument known as Oakley Wood Camp.”

So we jumped in the car with Hazel to go investigate. We followed the signs for Oakley Crematorium and found the car park for the woodlands just after the crematorium turn.

What I really liked was that the walking area was fenced and gated. With Hazel still being young, I still worry about her around cars, it was comforting to know that she was separated from them.

We followed the longer circular walk that ran through and I immediately noticed that woodland floor was carpeted in bluebells. We were too early at the time so unfortunately they were not in full bloom.

There were a few other walkers on the route, but given the size of the area we could have quite easily avoides them. Besides, Hazel was far more interested in all the animal trails, so much so, she was completely ignoring the training dummy that I had planned on training her with (normally I can’t get it off her) .

I would definitely go back to this walk, I’d quite like to follow the path that runs out of the wood next time. This wandered into the farmland and beyond. I will add another post when we get to this one.

Source: Friends of Oakley Woods

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